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High-Tech Security Windows and Doors

From Burglar Proof to Bullet Resistant.

The Problem Area of Burglar-Proofing:

Your property needs protection. Security windows make break-ins difficult and give peace of mind! Windows are normally the weakest static construction element in a house or business and are therefore the favored point of entry for burglars and thieves. Modern window technology counteracts these problems and dangers with individual and effective solutions. An investment in high-tech security windows is the most important step in safeguarding your family and property. Find out for yourself.

Our standard A 3 level security glass is tested and certified to DIN specification 52290 and International Patent Classification G 01 N 33/38. Included is a lowE coating with a rating of 1,1N40 with 57% UV-ray reflection. Optional with "Sun-Stop" coating , stopping 73% of the sun rays (silver color), 61% (neutral color) and 55% (blue color).For a sample window of 4' x3' add $ 75.00. For tables on different security levels, please visit: Technical Information.

A 3 burglar proof windows have noise suppression values of 41 dB!! This means a 87.5% noise reduction measured against our standard 32 dB window.

Components which distinguish a security window from a standard window:

- Multi-Chamber frame with steel inlays and A 3 burglar proof security glass
- The technology of the Multi-Chamber System ensures maximum stability
- Minimum 7 internal security locks. Even secured in the vent position (tilt).
- Lockable handle
- Drill protection
- Screwed in profiles

Specifications for the Security Glass are:

Level A Security - ideal for private homes, businesses, vacation homes and homes on golf courses.

  • All of the above described security components for the frame
  • Security Glass tested to DIN 52290 A specifications (The window has to withstand the impact of a 9 pound steel ball, dropped on the window from the height of 30 feet!)

  • Level B Security - ideal for homes of people with a high security risk, computer labs, energy centers, jails, police, detox centers, clinics, art galleries, museums, jewelry stores, banks and any other situation where heightened protection is needed.

  • Same frame as Level A
  • Security Glass tested to DIN 52290 B specifications (The window has to withstand at least 70 hits of a sharp and machine driven 4,5 pound axe!)

Level C Security - ideal where Bullet Proof windows are needed

  • Din 52290 C tested for caliber from 9mm to .44 magnum.
  • Bulletproof levels C 1 through C 3 can only be ordered with steel reinforced aluminum frames.
  • All security glass can be ordered with built-in alarm wires.



• Security Glazing 10mm-10mm-4mm     • 5 year Warranty
• Insulated to U-value 0.29                     • Ready to be installed, pre-drilled and with fasteners
• Argon filled Insulation Space                • Tilt and Turn operation
• LowE Glass 1.1 N44                           • Single Window Element
• dB value 0,42


Grilles and Mullions                              • Built-in "roll-up&down" Fly Screens
Transoms                                             • Built-in Blinds, magnetically driven
• Fixed Fly Screens                                 • Built-in Rolling Shutters, Vinyl or Aluminum
• Tempered Glass on inside                     • Color and Wood Grains to RAL standards

For more detailed information about the different security levels, please go to technical information.

Security Doors: Security doors are in-swing only and come with a lockable inside door handle and are key-only operated from the outside. Optional are two lockable door handles, inside and outside. Maximum size without transom: Height 8'4" x Width 4'2". Max. height with transom: 9'3"

Security Sliding Doors: Standard sliding doors are tilt and turn and can only be opened or closed from the inside. Optional they can be ordered with a keyed inside and outside door handle for an additional $ 195.00. Maximum size for a sliding door is: Height 8'2" x Width 9' per panel and up to 2 opening panels in combination with one fixed panel. Total possible width with 3 panels is 27 feet.

There is a heavy-duty sliding-only door available to a maximum size of: Height 8'2" x Width 18,6 ' ! The weight of this door (over 1200 pounds with A3 security glass) has to be structurally calculated during the design process.

Security French Doors: Maximum size for French Doors: Height 7'5" x Width 7'5".

Removable Fly Screens for Windows and Doors: The two options are a fixed fly screen, mounted with clips onto the frame or the built-in fly screen which is pulled down when needed and rolled up when an unrestricted view is desired.

Aluminum Frame for Security Levels C1, C2, C3 and D1

Steel reinforced Aluminum Frame for Security Levels C1, C2, C3


Built to: DIN EN ISO 9001

Aluminium: AlMgSi 0,5 F 22


Thermal break: with fiberglass reinforced Polyamid

Comes in all colors to RAL, either anodized or with acrylic-polyurethane laquer.

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