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Custom-made Replacement Window and Door System MD, direct from Europe. Made in Germany to address Security, Historical Restoration and Energy Savings needs. Retractable Awnings and Sun Screens to match your home.

Welcome to SwissShade + Security, Inc. - your source for replacement windows and doors, custom made security windows and doors, retractable awnings and sun screens. Our security windows can be ordered from a Burglar Proof level to Bullet Resistant and Explosion Resistant. These windows and doors are designed to the latest in fenestration technology and can be used for new construction or for renovation projects.

All of our products are custom-made to your specifications in Switzerland and Germany. We offer solutions! Whatever your concerns and needs are, our team will come up with a solutionwhich will address these issues in the most efficient and practical fashion.

When you buy from SwissShade + Security, Inc., you will benefit from our manufacturers many years of experience in the state-of-the-art shade and security technology. We are licensed, bonded and insured, and hold Arizona's Residential and Commercial License No. 186900.

We offer you the most competitive pricing and we stand behind our products with a full 5-year warranty and you have unlimited access to our staff for technical support and any other question you may have.

Member of the Better Business Bureau.
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Custom-made Windows and Doors, Awnings and Shutters by
SwissShade + Security, Inc.
HCR 2 Box 499 N; Tucson, Arizona 85735 USA
Telephone: (520) 822-1982; Fax: (520) 822-1649

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